temporary jobs that will help kick-start your graduate career


Temporary jobs can be a great way to kick-start your graduate career. As a graduate, it’s often difficult to land that dream job due to your lack of experience. Doing temp jobs can be a great way to build up your employment history and get experience (and cash). Additionally, you can determine whether you really like the industry and position you’re aiming for, before committing to it long-term.

Here are a few temporary jobs that will help kick-start your graduate career:


Starting out as a waiter is one of the best ways to get into a culinary career. Many people who started out in the front of the house, but were eager to learn and prove themselves, have managed to get into the kitchen. Moreover, there are opportunities for waiters across the world, on cruise ships and in international restaurants. So, you may even get to travel.


Like the previous category, loads of opportunities can open up for you when you start out behind the bar. You’ll have to learn how to mix a variety of drinks or even pair them with food. Besides, mixology is a very trendy field to be in. Restaurants and hotels are often searching for innovative bartenders that can draw people in with interesting new cocktails. Like waiters, your eagerness, and the skills you gain may get you a coveted spot in the kitchen or even as a front-of-house manager.

Tech support

For tech-savvy graduates, breaking into the IT industry can start out as simple as working as tech support at a retail store. This will give you exposure to a wide variety of problems and give you the opportunity to learn from more experienced team members. As you build up your experience, you’ll be able to qualify for other jobs, such as being part of a large company’s IT department or even starting your own IT firm.


Love working with people or creating order in an office? Then start temping as a secretary, IT, or admin assistant. This is a great way to get experience in working with people and learning the rhythms of an office.


Interested in a career as a paramedic or the medical field? Or even being a manager in the logistics, retail, or hospitality industry? Being a lifeguard may seem like a random choice, but it shows that you take your responsibility seriously. Being able to make split-second decisions and organize in an emergency are sought-after skills in a manager. On the medical side, it may require you to know first aid and stay calm under pressure. Those are also essential characteristics for healthcare workers. Thus, they will be a great asset when you apply for a position in the healthcare industry.

City Tour Guide

This is a great way to break into the hospitality and tourism industry. It also helps develop your people skills, which are useful in a wide variety of industries. You’ll be required to memorize a lot of useful facts, a skill that may even assist you in getting a job relating to history or marketing.

Sales assistant

In the retail sector, sales assistants are invaluable. This job will help you gain skills in handling difficult customers, giving the right advice to customers, selling products, and working as part of a team. Hence, this job is a great stepping stone in both the retail and marketing fields.

Supply teacher/Teaching assistant

If you love working with kids, these jobs are perfect for you. Supply teachers act as temporary replacements for absent teachers and are paid at an hourly or daily rate. Teaching assistants help teachers with a variety of tasks from preparing teaching materials to giving children one-on-one assistance with certain subjects. Thus, these jobs help you gain experience both with interacting with kids and how to navigate the school environment. Additionally, you’ll get great opportunities for networking and building contacts in the education sector.

Graduates are encouraged to contact recruitment agencies for advice on which jobs would be great to kickstart their chosen career. Forming a good relationship with a recruitment agency is key if you’re interested in temporary jobs. Recruiters will be able to connect you with the best jobs for your skillset or even jobs that can help broaden your skillset. Contact Simpson Dean’s expert staff for advice or to submit your CV.

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