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It can be difficult to find the right person for the job, especially in a large industry like construction. Many companies turn to recruitment agencies to help them fill the vacancy. But do you go with a specialist recruitment agency that only focuses on construction professionals? Or do you go with a generalist recruitment agency that has a wider pool of candidates? We explore the advantages of both types.

Why choose a specialist recruitment agency?

In contrast to generalist agencies, specialists only focus on particular jobs, sectors or areas.


A more focused search

These agencies are usually effective if you’re looking for candidates in the area/sector or position they focus on. They will have a good knowledge of the job seekers in the area/industry and the kind of skills and expertise available. In theory, this means that they could have a greater chance to find exactly what you are looking for.

Contacts with niche talents

Some experienced professionals prefer to only deal with specialist agencies. They form good working relationships and don’t advertise their services on the open job market. Working with specialist agencies is a great way to get in touch with people with niche skills.

In-depth knowledge of the field

As specialist agencies only focus on one area or field, they have knowledge of that specific area or field. Chances are also good that they may know exactly what you need since they’ve previously filled a similar job. It can sometimes be hard to explain exactly what you’re looking for, so this makes it a lot easier to get exactly what you want. Specialist recruiters may also be able to give you advice on which types of people or skills will suit your needs. They are usually also up to date on market trends, average salaries and benefits.

A smaller pool of candidates

This is could be advantage if your search time is limited and you are looking for a very specific skill set. Since the pool of candidates is much smaller than at a generalist agency, your search may be much quicker to find the perfect candidate.

Temporary vacancies

Often, companies need someone on short notice to fill in for a sick employee or someone who suddenly quit. Specialist agencies should be able to find a temp with the speciality skills you require.

Why choose a generalist recruitment agency?

First off, let’s explain what a generalist recruitment agency is. The majority of recruitment agencies fall into this category. They have relationships and contacts in a wide variety of industries to help clients find the best fit.


Wide pool of candidates

Since they work in multiple industries, generalist recruitment agencies usually have a wide pool of candidates to draw on. These candidates come from a variety of backgrounds and have various experience levels. In theory, this means that you have a higher chance of finding someone who could be a great asset to your company in future. Or you may find seasoned professionals with just the right skills who are looking for a career change.  You will also have a large pool of skills and personalities to choose from. Agencies may even know of a perfect candidate (who they helped find a job in the past) that may not currently be on the job market but would be willing to consider a worthwhile opportunity.

Contacts in a variety of industries

Sometimes companies create new positions or are looking for skills not normally found in their industry. In this case, generalist agencies are perfectly placed to recommend candidates with transferable skills. Since they have contact in a wide range of industries, they will know what kind of job seekers have the skills you are looking for. They also know whether the job seekers experience will be compatible with your needs.

Good knowledge of current job market

As generalist recruitment agencies are active in various sectors, they have a great, all-round knowledge of the job market. They also possess specialist knowledge in the industries that are most in-demand at any given time. This means that they have a good knowledge of the skills needed in the various fields, which skills are in demand and which skills are currently available in the job market. This makes them fantastic partners when planning your recruitment strategy. They can also point you to candidates ideally suited to the vacancy that you may not ordinarily have considered.

Temporary vacancies

Recruitment agencies can not only help with filling permanent roles, but also temporary positions. Some job seekers prefer temporary jobs due to personal circumstances, such as caring for children, the elderly or the sick. Generalist agencies can help put you in touch with these kinds of professionals for short-term projects or temping. Due to their wide pool of job seekers, chances are they’ll be able to find someone to suit your needs in a short amount of time.

Why choose Simpson Dean for your recruitment needs?

As a generalist recruitment agency with many years of experience in the field, Simpson Dean is focused on finding the person that best fits the job vacancy. We form relationships with our clients, both employers and employees, which allow us to understand exactly what their requirements are. When clients are unsure about the best fit for their job vacancy, we ask the right questions to find out.

Click here to contact us for help in finding the perfect fit for your vacancy from our wide pool of job seekers.

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