To Hell & High Water

Just recently there have been various polls concerning which negative issues, Candidates have when dealing with Recruitment Agencies.  Most Candidates listed lack of communication from the Recruiters, these can be, not returning calls, calls being rejected and leaving messages which never seem to be passed on.

At Simpson Dean, we think this is very disrespectful and we encourage our Candidates to contact us either by phone, which if we are unable to answer have an answering machine which logs all calls or by email which are monitored. Our Candidates are our workforce, whether they be a Part-Time Packer or a Managing Director, we like to go the extra mile for them all and fully appreciate it when our Candidates go the extra mile for us.

An example of this happened a couple of weeks ago when we spoke to an ideal candidate for a Temp to Perm position we had recently advertised.

Having spoken to the candidate by phone explaining the position and running through his CV we felt it should be sent to our Client. Before any CV is sent we require all our new Candidates to register, as we mostly work from home hubs with our Head Office based in Kent, for this reason, we offer our registrations over various video mediums, such as Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp, thus saving the long trudge to the Recruitment Agency office.

Unfortunately, these were not available to our Candidate, who remarked ‘I am beginning to feel like I am of the Stone Age generation’.

This was where 25 years of Recruitment experience lots of lateral thinking and brainstorming come into play. Our Candidate had mentioned he was due to go to his local Job Centre Plus the following day. This was our Eureka moment.

We arranged with his Job Couch, Roy, (pictured) to use an office within the Job Centre Plus and with the help of our colleague Kia, (pictured) providing her smartphone, we were able to complete the registration.

There is the saying ‘Where there’s a Will there’s a Way’ and we pride ourselves on having an abundance of ‘Will’ in our Recruitment team. We care about our Candidates and our Clients and want each of them to have a great Recruitment experience. This is just one example of how we differ from the other Recruiters.  Want to know more, call us today…. We promise to answer.

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