5 Things to be Grateful for During Covid-19 Lockdown

When we repeatedly said things like ‘I need a break’ and ‘I wish I had time to catch up’, we didn’t envisage things happening quite this way. Mother Nature sure answered our wishes, but she didn’t factor in the financial worries and the pain of not seeing our loved ones.

Fears aside, there are some genuine positives coming out of lockdown. I guess your view of this comes from whether you are looking at the glass half empty or half full. No-one can deny the harsh reality and the implications of covid-19 on families around the globe, but if we focus too much on those things, we will find ourselves in a very dark place and be no good to anyone, least of all ourselves.

The most important thing right now is survival. Yes, that means surviving physically and financially, but it also counts for surviving mentally too. Our mental health is something we can have more control over and will create a solid foundation so that we are equipped to deal with the bigger issues.
The first step to a positive mental health state is gratitude. Being able to see the sunshine through the clouds can really help to stay strong during tough times.

Here are 5 things to be grateful for during lockdown

The planet is healthier

Whilst the tourism trade might be taking a huge hit right now, no-one can deny the incredible effects we are seeing as a result of standstill. With flights grounded, transport links suspended, and borders shut, there is significantly less pollution making its way into the atmosphere. Ahem, weren’t we on a mission to address the climate crisis? Every cloud and all that.

More time with our nearest and dearest

Granted, we are all having to make incredible sacrifices by not being able to see some of our most treasured loved ones, but if you have people in your household, whether that be families, partners or flatmates, we are undeniably stuck with them.  I’m certainly not going to neglect the impact that might have in unhappy households, but there is an opportunity for many of us to reconnect with those we live with and spend quality time with them, rather than be passing ships.

We are taking exercise more seriously

I don’t know about you, but I have seen more people out running, cycling and walking than I think I ever did in a pre-covid world. I guess it’s that age-old theory; if you take something away, you want it even more. I think the message is finally getting through about social distancing, but I can’t deny how lovely it is seeing people out getting the daily dose of exercise. I hope this dedication to our health and fitness continues on the other side.

We’ve become DIY demons

Never before have my house and garden looked so good. During the week I am desperately trying to balance working from home with home schooling but come the weekend, there’s a frantic hive of activity ticking off lists of jobs that have been permanently on the backburner. My lawns are all tidy, my garden furniture is painted, my car is clean, I’ve even ironed the kids’ uniform for 2021 ha ha. I actually feel like I am top of things for the first time in…. well, ever, I think.

We have time to reflect

When we are going full speed, we rarely have time to stop and assess things. Time passes us by, we get buried in goals and objectives and we lose all sense of who we are and what we want. Having ‘thinking time’ can be uncomfortable, especially when faced with a sinister issue, but it can also be incredibly useful. Many are using the time to recharge, reassess and recalibrate. If you have been considering a career change or an opportunity to develop yourself in some way, there’s no better time than now.

Just remember, you are not alone in this. In every household, there will be a bizarre bubbling of universal emotions that need putting to use. Stay grateful and focus on the good stuff and we are likely to come out the other side of this as much better people.

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