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This is an intriguing concept which has proved to be extremely successful with progressive companies willing to spearhead this initiative and it is becoming more and more apparent just how good it actually is!

We engage in the same way as you would with other agencies, but we source candidates through open prisons we have forged relationships with.  

Before you dismiss this concept as ‘unworkable’ or ‘too risky’ we’d like to point out a few benefits…

Benefit to your business:

Ex-offenders are prepared to go the ‘extra mile’ and are very loyal workers and, by raising the bar, it often means other employees work harder as a result; a point made by a number of employers currently using this initiative.

In open conditions candidates are also fully risk assessed.  They know how to disclose effectively and, in many ways, an employer will be able to make a much more informed decision about a potential employee than would normally be the case.

Many prisons are able to train and educate candidates within a variety of industries and have successful training programmes already in place within certain sectors, eg. the Construction, Industrial and Agricultural sectors and training within your particular industry can be offered.

Other benefits include:

1.       Candidates will often turn up to place of work at the same time

2.       Candidates have little else to do, which gives them a great incentive to work

3.       Candidates are communicative and reliable

4.       Candidates have something to prove as showing commitment to a role should give them something to take with them when they are released

5.       If a candidate is unwell, a replacement is organised before they leave for work, ensuring the client isn’t inconvenienced.

Benefit to society:

It is widely believed that, in order for prisoner reoffending rates to drop, there need to be four pillars in place and one of those pillars is a job. 

By giving candidates the opportunity to gain temporary or contract work, it gives them more chance of gaining a permanent position when they come out of prison.  With that fourth pillar in place along with the other three pillars, the candidate reoffending rate drops dramatically from 73% to 16% and, if less people are offending, it means less tax payer’s money is needed to fund the running of prisons.

We are also able to offer a personal written reference to all candidates who complete an agreed length of time, based on their conduct, work ethic and reliability.  They are then able to use the reference when applying for roles after leaving prison.

Why use Simpson Dean:

All candidates are registered face-to-face and Simpson Dean will ‘hand pick’ the most suitable candidates based on their skill set and personality to fulfil your business requirements.

Also, something that is very important in this candidate short market is that we are able to think outside the box and hopefully we are able to demonstrate this to you by bringing this concept to you.

We are able to manage the entire process for you.  Each candidate will be a Simpson Dean candidate, working on our books, paid weekly by us and covered under Simpson Dean’s insurance.

We are aware that companies could approach prisons direct with respect to this resource, but why would you when Simpson Dean will do all of the hard work for you and charge in the same way as any other Temporary agency would.

How much does the service cost?

We look at how you engage with your current agencies supplying your staff and work out a deal that fits around your current spend and the way in which you pay your staff.  For example, we can either charge you a Temporary hourly rate, daily rate or weekly rate and this can be paid as PAYE or Contractor depending on how you would like us to do this.

We know every other agency says this, and you will only know when you start dealing with us, but we pride ourselves on being honest, reliable, communicative, forward thinking as well as open to new ideas and challenges. 


We describe this concept as a ‘Win-Win’ situation; you are supplied with staff who are hard-working, communicative and dedicated to making a good impression; the prison service takes less of our tax payer’s money for the upkeep of the prison and, finally, the prisoners gain a rewarding and, hopefully, self-affirming opportunity to start afresh and ensure they don’t return to a life of crime once they are released.

Please get in touch to find out more about Simpson Dean Staffing Solutions and what we can do to help you with staff shortages or other requirements.