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Redundancy Support Plan

Redundancy Support Plan

What is the Redundancy Support Plan?

Letting employees go, for whatever reason is never easy. Times like these call for action. A responsible, carefully considered approach is key.

Here at Simpson Dean, we believe there is a way to continue to support your employees through this experience. A way to soften the whole process.

This is why we have launched the Redundancy Support Plan.

The Redundancy Support Plan is a completely free service. Our aim is to provide the information needed in order for employers to continue to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to their employees by helping them navigate through this difficult time.

The plan will help you by:

  • Supporting your employees through the redundancy, reducing the chance of them feeling rejected
  • Giving you peace of mind and helping your company prove their social responsibility
  • Not taking up your time
  • Being a completely FREE service

The plan will help your employees:

  • Feel supported
  • Less overwhelmed
  • More in control about finding a new job
  • Feel more positive about their future prospects

Why Simpson Dean Recruitment?

We believe we are uniquely placed to support you and your employees with our extensive knowledge of the market, and in particular 5 key areas, which are; wellbeing, job market knowledge, how to write CV’s that stand out, the importance of personality, and broadening their skillset.

You can either speak to one of our team directly about the support programme or you can share the link to the Employee Support Plan page with your employees. They can download the Support Plan and we will be on hand to offer them further advice when needed.

Find out more about the support employees will receive:

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Speak directly to one of our team members:

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