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Our Values

Our Values

Simpson Dean Recruitment’s business is built on three core principles which we live and breathe every single day. We believe following these principles helps us to give employers and candidates in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and surrounding area the very best possible recruitment service we can.

In a world where there seems to be a recruitment agency on every corner, we long ago made the decision to do things differently.

Drawing on our team’s broad experience as recruiters, employers and candidates, we set ourselves the challenge of understanding what people needed most.

The result? Three core values which drive everything our business does:

  1. A ‘best in class’ approach to candidate recruitment
  2. A commitment to building mutually beneficial, long-term employer relationships
  3. A focus on delivering results

Let us explain.

Candidate recruitment

We know that a recruitment agency is only as good as its candidates.

That’s why we invest a great deal of time in finding, understanding, and keeping a wide and diverse candidate pool, both temp and perm, across a variety of sectors.

How we find, understand and keep candidates

Finding candidates
  • 15,000 placements in ten years resulting in thousands of contacts to draw on
  • New roles advertised on up to five job boards, our own website, partner websites, and social media channels - as a minimum
  • Active building of a portfolio of potential future candidates through recommendations and community links
Understanding candidates
  • All candidates asked to take Belbin’s Team Analysis so we understand personality and preferences, as well as skills and experience
  • All potential candidates given a minimum half an hour, in-depth, personal interview before we start job-matching
Keeping candidates
  • We endeavour to respond to all candidates the same or next working day, every time you get in touch. In fact, we aim to get back to you within four hours! (we know it’s frustrating for candidates when recruiters don’t get back to them)
  • A registration process which is as quick and painless as possible
  • Free personalised careers advice and skills assessments

Employer relationships

We know that employers have many recruitment options available to them and that they don’t have to choose Simpson Dean Recruitment.

That’s why we make sure that we give the employers we work with an added value, personalised service that we believe it’s hard to find elsewhere.

How we build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with employers

  • Take a strategic view that is about more than just filling a single role
  • Offer to visit the employer’s premises to understand the environment and culture
  • Offer Belbin Team Analysis free of charge for the team we are recruiting into, to get a view of the whole area and its dynamics
  • Understand the business’s ongoing recruitment challenges and work to build a talent pool that can be drawn on in the future
  • Build an in-depth knowledge of the industry sector over time
  • Provide a personalised, weekly email summary of activity (COMING SOON)

Results-driven Recruitment

We know that having the right attitude counts for nothing if we don’t get results for both our employers and our candidates.

That’s why our working practices are focused around placing the right candidate as quickly as possible.

How we focus our business on getting results

  1. Understand the brief, inside and out
    We interview the employer to get an in-depth understanding of the brief, and may also visit the employer’s premises or provide Belbin Team Dynamics analysis free of charge so we can get the whole picture, not just a snapshot.
  2. Get back to applicants ASAP
    With a shortage of quality candidates out there, we don’t want to let any superstars slip through our fingers! We endeavour to get back to applicants the same or next working day, every time you get in touch. In fact, we aim to get back to you within four hours, and aim to conduct the screening interview within 24 hours.
  3. Start the search immediately
    Within 4 hours we will have searched our database, contacted our Linked-In network, trawled the web and put our own ads out on job boards and social media, reaching thousands of prospective candidates.
  4. Get to know our candidates top-to-toe
    We want to make sure any candidates we put forward are a fit for the role and company, so we ask applicants to take a Belbin Team Dynamics analysis, and dedicate a minimum 30 minutes to understanding their experience and ambitions.
  5. Make sure interviews go swimmingly
    We take special care to make sure interviews go smoothly, by briefing employers and candidates beforehand, organising dates and times, and gathering post-interview feedback.
  6. Help the placement fall into place
    Our job doesn’t stop there. We also want to make sure candidates start new roles ready, excited and with no delays. So we happily conduct salary negotiations, collect temps’ references, and confirm start dates. It’s all part of the service.

If a results-driven recruitment agency that invests in long-term relationships sounds like the kind of business you’d enjoy working with, then we’d love to hear from you. Please just get in touch and let us know how we can help.

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