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Posts from March 2020

  1. Lockdown: a Time to Focus on You

    Now that the Nation is in lockdown with no real knowing what happens next. The pace of life has taken a radical turn for the most it will be slower; we will have the time that modern day life had robbed from us so why not use this time to reflect and think about what you really want? Read more →

  2. How to Protect Yourself and Your Colleagues from the Coronavirus

    Whilst it may seem like half the country has gone into lockdown, there are still a significant number of businesses operating from their offices, with staff attendance expected unless anyone is showing symptoms of Coronavirus. This includes permanent members of staff and temporary staff. If the option to work from home is not possible, how can we best protect ourselves and our colleagues? Sir Henry Boyle of the HCQC (Healthcare Consultancy and Qualifications Consortium) answers your questions. Read more →

  3. What Should Employers Be Doing About Coronavirus?

    It’s a hot topic, one that’s seemingly becoming more critical as the days go by. What might have at first felt like the dealings of a few snow days, with staff working from home to avoid travel, is now a much greater consideration as we fully take on board the risk to public health and face the prospect of a ‘virtual office’. Read more →