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Recruitment Solutions for Employers

Recruitment Solutions for Employers

Time is precious, especially when you’re searching for the best candidates to support and grow your business.

At Simpson Dean Recruitment, we understand the need to balance staff hiring efficiency with finding you the right high-quality people for your company, and we pride ourselves on our track record of delivering the best results for our clients.

Whether you’re searching for an experienced chartered accountant, or looking for warehouse recruitment, our team has experience in a wide range of sectors and industries to help you find the right employees.

We’re also a recruitment and labour agency that cares about social responsibility and providing a quality service to candidates. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with a partner whose passion for helping the right people succeed in the right roles will bring that same energy to your next hire too – attracting more highly engaged candidates to deliver your business’ future plans with enthusiasm.


We are a manufacturing facility based near Ashford, Kent which has been trading for 18 years. Until 2021 we had always dealt with recruitment in house and had been fortunate to find candidates who are now long serving members of staff.

Recruitment in 2021 proved to be more difficult and following some unsuccessful placements we made the decision to try a recruitment agency.

Simpson Dean visited the site to get an understanding about our business and employment requirements. They were not only helpful in explaining the current market but offered the unique service of interviewing potential candidates before submitting their details to us. Along with their C.V. a short explanation is sent about each candidate. This is extremely helpful in deciding which candidates to interview. Simpson Dean carried out registration and background checks before arranging the face to face interviews.

Our success rate for finding suitable employees has improved dramatically. We now use Simpson Dean as our recruitment agency of choice for Permanent staff and will approach them for Temporary staff should the need arise.

Factory Industry Testimonial

What Simpson Dean Recruitment can do for you

Our skills and services cover the entire employment journey – from providing you with advice and guidance, to hiring the best people, developing your current staff’s communication skills, and supporting employees leaving your organisation.

Helping you find the best candidates in your industry

Our extensive recruitment experience spans a wide range of sectors and industries, and we’re skilled at finding amazing talent to fulfil your business needs.

From accountancy to warehousing, our sectors page gives you an idea of the industries we’ve successfully sourced candidates for in the past.

Providing a top-class service you’ll love

We feel the best way to tell you what we can do for your business, is by letting our clients tell you themselves.

Throughout our site, you’ll find real testimonials from past and repeat clients while our success stories page gives you an idea of the creative innovation we’ll bring to your own recruitment challenge.

Maintaining high engagement to bring you higher quality potential candidates

We understand that the best way to bring in great people, is to make sure we take excellent care of them throughout the recruitment process as your hiring partner.

We treat every candidate with the utmost respect, proactively maintain communication with them throughout the interview process, and help them to upskill and develop, and personally interview them to make sure they’re going to be the right fit for your team.

I am the Managing Director of Consensus Planning Limited and have worked with Anthony for many years.

We set very high standards here at Consensus Planning Limited and I have found that Anthony has consistently performed to secure reliable and responsible staff for us. Not only that I find his positive approach highly persuasive in identifying suitable candidates.

I would highly recommend Anthony and wish him all the best with the continued expansion of Simpson Dean Ltd

Innes Gray, Consensus Planning Ltd

Practical support at every stage of recruitment

No matter where you are in your recruitment journey, from needing help and advice with writing your role profile and job advert, to supporting your candidate search, or even arranging interviews on your behalf and pre-screening your candidates - we’re here to support you at every step of the recruitment process.

Let us know where you are in your candidate search, and we’ll be able to provide you with guidance and, most importantly, results!

Book your recruitment support consultation by submitting your brief:

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Recruitment Advice Service

Tap into our 10+ years’ experience of sourcing excellent candidates in your industry, and book a consultation to get our expert advice on any part of your internal recruitment process.

From how to identify what essential versus desirable skills you need your new hire to have, to what interview questions will get you the information you need to assess who really is the best person for your vacancy. Let us share our knowledge and help you identify exactly what you need from your new employee.

Book a recruitment advice call with our resident expert today:

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Virtual Interview Services

We can provide the opportunity of having an experienced recruitment partner run the first stage of your interview process, and free up your time to concentrate on the things that matter to you the most.

As part of our services, we can pre-screen your candidates for you with our virtual interview services, and give you that time back from your work day that you’d otherwise spend sourcing candidates, arranging interviews, and filling out feedback forms.

How it works

We record a video with each of your candidates, and then send you a folder with the videos and CV’s together, direct to your inbox for you to review your options at the time that works best for you and your business.

You have the option of either a profile video, or a full zoom interview, to make sure you get everything you need to make the right choice:

Candidate profile videos

These short introductions are filmed for every potential candidate, to let you get a feel for who they are and their values before you choose who to take forward to a full interview.

Full Zoom interviews with your questions

Perhaps you need more than a quick candidate profile, or there are specific questions you’d like us to ask all your potential candidates to pre-interview them on your behalf. Send us your initial interview questions (and get our advice on great questions for us, or you, to ask your candidates!) and let us do the work of arranging and recording every great candidate so that you can review them in your own time before choosing your top responders to interview personally.

Find out more about our video service and how it can help you:

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Let us know what you need, or book a call to arrange a custom video service for your candidates:

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Getting the best out of your new, and current, employees with our Team Fit service

Operating an effective business goes beyond hiring good people – you need to know they’ll work well with both you and your team’s skills and working style. With Team Fit, we can help you build a brilliant team and give them the knowledge and skills to communicate and work together seamlessly to produce great results.

  • For new candidates – using Team Fit, we can help make sure your potential candidates fit well with your existing team, giving you the reassurance that they’ll blend in easily with your best people from the start.
  • For existing teams – knowledge is power, and knowing the strengths of your existing team members is essential to knowing where you need to grow. Book a Team Fit consultation to identify communication and working styles and audit the existing skills you have available in your team right now, so that you can pinpoint what talents you need your ideal candidates to bring to the table.

Modern slavery statement


I, Anthony Dean, am licenced by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA). My unique reference number is SIMP0013.


The GLAA's role is to protect vulnerable and exploited workers. They investigate reports of worker exploitation and illegal activity such as human trafficking, forced labour and illegal labour provision, as well as offences under the National Minimum Wage and Employment Agencies Acts. The licensing scheme regulates businesses who provide workers to the fresh produce supply chain and horticulture industry, to make sure they meet the employment standards required by law.


Free redundancy support plan

Making the right decisions for your business isn’t always about bringing in new faces. At Simpson Dean, we understand the need to balance difficult decisions with the need to protect your staff and fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to your employees. This is why we launched the completely free Redundancy Support Plan.

Through the plan, we’ve successfully delivered sensitive and practical redundancy support to a number of employers by helping employees feel less overwhelmed, and more in control of their next career step. From sharing our industry insider knowledge, to helping them audit their skills and write a great CV, we’re there to provide you with peace of mind by supporting your employees to feel positive about their employment future. Take a look at our dedicated support plan page for more information, and get in touch when you’re ready for us.

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