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Candidate Videos

Candidate Videos

Turbo boost your recruitment process with our candidate videos!

At Simpson Dean we understand that you are employing people, not paper, not voices. 

We recognise  that you are busy, and recruiting a new employee is very time consuming.

Our candidate videos give you a better perspective of the candidates, how they communicate, how they react to questions, their unique personality, and other skills that you can’t appreciate just by looking at a CV or speaking to someone on a phone.

The candidate videos will enable you to:

  • Get an authentic first impression
  • Determine if they would be a good fit for your organisation
  • Review candidates together as a team
  • Invite only top candidates to a face to face interview

Candidate videos can now be integrated into the service we offer our clients. We can send you the candidate's video to look at alongside their CV.

We can even do the first round of interviews for you! By interviewing the candidate via Zoom, incorporating any questions you specifically want to be answered.

We then send you the videos to look at in your own time -  making the recruitment process much quicker for you.

Giving you a flavour of the kind of candidate we have on our books - meet your next star employee here:

Candidate ID Sector
ZR_15337_CAND Accounts Learn more about this candidate
ZR_15636_CAND Industrial Learn more about this candidate
ZR_15669_CAND Administration Learn more about this candidate
ZR_15770_CAND Accounts Learn more about this candidate