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With the gradual lifting of pandemic restrictions and increased demand for services, the UK hospitality sector is experiencing staff shortages. This is due to many employees switching sectors during the pandemic and EU nationals leaving the country following Brexit. Many companies now find themselves in need of new staff on short notice. But how do you get qualified and competent staff without spending hours scouring job boards? Agencies are a reliable, time-saving way to solve your problem. Here are some of our top reasons to use agencies to find temporary workers for hospitality roles:

A large pool of CVs

Agencies have many qualified job seekers on file. Due to the restriction of movement because of the pandemic, job seekers have turned to agencies and online job boards to find temporary jobs. This means they have a bigger chance of successfully finding you the ideal temporary worker for your hospitality role.

Can identify appropriate candidates

You won’t need to wade through piles of CVs and scour job posting boards to find the right person for the job. An agency can find out exactly what you want and need, and which skills/personality traits are most suitable. They can even identify transferable skills in candidates that have outstanding qualities, but you may not necessarily have considered.

Shorten recruitment process timeframe

Recruiters have a good idea of the job seekers in their pool and what skills are needed for your job posting. They do the searching for you, so you don’t need to make time between your usual tasks. Since they are experts at the process, they will likely be able to find great candidates on short notice or in a shorter timeframe than it would have taken you.

Act as a mediator between employer and candidate

An agency can help you benchmark what average or competitive salaries and benefits are like in your sector. In addition, they can assist in negotiating salaries and benefits that both parties are happy with. As mediators, the agency can ensure that the employer and candidate know what each other’s expectations are. This will help the employee better adjust to the company, and vice versa.

Expert advice and guidance

Agencies have expert knowledge of the various sectors. They know what the hospitality sector’s supply and demand are like and can advise you on the best candidates for your job vacancy. Additionally, they can advise you on rules and regulations for temporary workers and ensure that your recruitment and contracts comply with legislation.

Contacts with skilled professionals

Many experienced professionals in the hospitality industry were on furlough during the lockdown and some found alternative employment in other sectors. Agencies who assisted them in their job search will still have them on the books. They will be able to find out if these experts are willing to return to the industry for the right opportunity. Some experts don’t advertise on job boards. They can only be reached with the right contacts. Agencies form relationships with job seekers and companies. Thus, they are ideally placed to use that network to get you the best candidate possible.

Build a good partnership

If you will regularly need temp workers, agencies are a good choice as you can build a good relationship with them. Firstly, they will get to know which kind of candidate best fits your business, based on previous experience and feedback. This will make the recruitment process easier as time goes on. Secondly, they can keep an eye out for likely candidates among their new pool of CVs.

Effective advertising

Agencies will be able to advertise your vacancy on credible sites that reach the right candidates. In other words, you won’t waste resources and finances on advertising that doesn’t work or will waste your time.

Simpson Dean can help you find the best candidate for your temporary vacancy and advise all your recruiting needs. Contact us for more information.Interested in our expert advice on recruitment and remote working? Browse our range of blog articles.

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