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If you’re interested in the construction industry, but don’t have the muscle for it, why not consider an office job? Besides the general administration or receptionist jobs, there are other roles that require you to (mostly) be office-bound. There are plenty of different types of office jobs found in construction. We look at 7 of these jobs:

Document controller/Administration support

One of the popular office jobs in construction requires you to ensure that all documents meet formal requirements and are accessible to your colleagues and clients.

You will also need to sort, store, and retrieve both hard copy and electronic documents. Other responsibilities can include supporting various departments with invoices and order documents.

You’ll need experience in paperwork. Also knowledge of administrative systems to impress recruiters. This is a great fit if you like organisation and a varied workload.

Average salary: £28,000

Office manager

You’ll need a variety of skills for this position.

As an office manager, you will have to ensure that the office is running like clockwork. You’ll need to manage staff, implement new processes and systems when needed. You’ll also need to liaise with other departments, and deal with clients.

Depending on the company, you may even work with contractors and staff in the field and coordinate them or keep them on schedule.

Average salary: £26,000


This job requires creativity and technical know-how.

As an architect, you’ll be responsible for designing buildings according to client and industry specifications. Therefore, this will include providing clients with appropriate advice, while keeping building regulations and budget constraints in mind.

Furthermore, you’ll have to provide clients with concept and detailed design information regarding quality, time, and costs. Duties will include preparing and issuing project information to the project team and coordinating with them.

You’ll be able to interact and collaborate with diverse professionals. Each project will also have its own challenges and help you expand your skills, as well as the opportunity to network.

Average salary: £41,000

Quantity surveyor

Interested in the financial aspect of construction? Then this is a good career to consider.

Quantity surveyors provide cost reports on project budgets and identify cost issues. They also submit valuations and variations on schemes. To deliver quality projects, they need to build good working relationships with other managers on the projects, as well as site teams.

In addition, they need to negotiate with and appoint sub-contractors and manage commercial matters.

Average salary: £50,000

Construction coordinator

If you like working with people, this is the job for you.

This role will require that you coordinate with designers, engineers, and the construction manager. You will need to ensure each project is completed with maximum efficiency and quality. You have to make sure all project documentation, from the contract to the specifications, meet the needs of the project schedule. In addition, you will have to supervise, review, and approve the production and development of plans. These include drawings, specifications, requisitions and bid summaries of all equipment and facilities the company will need for the project.

Other duties include reviewing safety plans and instructions to contractors, approving safety procedures and being a communications liaison between the site and the company’s various departments.

Average salary: £31,000

Site administrator

As a site administrator, you’ll be handling all the construction site’s administration.

This includes general office admin such as scanning, photocopying, filing and archiving paperwork. In addition, you’ll have duties such as matching invoices and engaging with suppliers to resolve invoice queries.

Average salary: £23,000

Project manager

In this role, you’ll have to manage the operational aspects of each project.

This ranges from organising labour and scheduling, to sourcing materials. Your duties will include ensuring top quality work from all staff and making sure that targets and deadlines are met. As well as liaising with clients, and building control. Additionally, you will need to agree with clients on payment schedules and ensure that all project documents are completed, kept current and are stored appropriately.

In other words, this is a great job for someone who enjoys organisation, variety in their day-to-day work, working with people and motivate people to keep up high standards.

Average salary: £58,000.

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