the benefits of hiring temporary staff


Your company has had to downsize recently and you now find yourself with a skills shortage. How do you get the required skills without spending tons of money? Many companies have found themselves in the same position and turned to temporary employees. This might just be the perfect solution for you as well. We explore the benefits of hiring temporary employees to help you decide if it will work for you.

1. It can be more economical in the long run

If you only require certain services and skills at certain times or for specific projects, it may be cheaper to hire a temporary employee. Instead of a full-time employee that must be paid benefits, you can pay a temp or freelance a set fee for services rendered. If the temp doesn’t perform to your standard, you just won’t use them the next time. This means that you won’t have to spend time on lengthy disciplinary or dismissal procedures like you would with a full-time employee. It also won’t disrupt your workflow. If your temp is working remotely, you will also save on resources. Read more on the benefits of temp vs permanent employees.

2. Adding amazing skills to your workforce

Since freelancers are usually experts in their specific field, they can give you access to specialized skills that no one on your staff has. With a temp worker, you can access the exact expertise you need, just for the duration of the relevant project.

Hiring temporary employees can also inspire and motivate your permanent staff to be more innovative. A temp worker brings in a new perspective and can even help teach your staff new skills.

3. Flexibility

As mentioned before, temp workers are only hired for a specific period. Their hours are determined by the project or task you need them for. You are also not limited to just one person to fulfil a variety of tasks. You can get temps that are experts in certain areas, depending on the task at hand and your budget.

4. Independent, driven workers

Since temps are usually rated by their performances at previous jobs, they are driven to perform excellently. You won’t have to supervise or micromanage them, since you’ve assigned them to tasks that they are experts in. Temps are often driven, motivated workers that know how to stick to deadlines, since they are used to only having a set time in which to complete their assigned work.

5. Available at short notice

Most temps are available at short notice. You won’t have to wait weeks for them to join your team and perhaps miss out on a big project because you did not have the relevant expertise available.

Before taking the next step

When deciding whether start hiring temporary employees, it’s a good idea to have a brainstorming session with your management team. Take stock of your current skills pool and manpower and decide exactly what you need. 

Next, look at your budget. Will you be investing in a single temp worker that you can use multiple times? Or do you need a variety of skills for projects spanning months? Then you may need to hire a few freelancers at different times.

Once you have decided to add temporary workers to your team, approach a recruitment agency. It’s important to build a good relationship with them since they will be able to get the best temp for your needs from their pool of job seekers. They will also make it easier to hire the same temp multiple times if you’re happy with the temp’s performance.

Choosing the best temp for the job

Here are a few things to keep in mind during the recruitment process:


Most job boards and recruitment sites allow companies to leave reviews on temporary or freelance workers. This will help you get a good feel for their performance and the impression they left on previous employers.

Social Media

Some professionals post examples of their work on social media. Visit sites like LinkedIn and Facebook can also help you get a grasp on the person’s personality, interest, skills, and endorsements.


If you’re looking for a temp with a specific skill set, their portfolio can give you a decent overview of their capabilities. A portfolio is also a good way to verify at least a few of the skills they listed on their CV.

In conclusion, hiring a temp can have a variety of benefits, depending on what you need them for and on your company. For more information on temps available in your industry, why not chat with our experts at Simpson Dean? For more information on everything recruitment, like the benefits of remote working, great remote working tools for your company and the benefits of temp vs permanent workers, check out our blog.

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