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When you’re looking for a job, especially in a competitive industry like construction, sending out your CV can feel quite daunting. Especially if you’ve already sent out several CVs without any replies. How do you ensure that employers notice your CV? Many people turn to recruitment agencies for quicker results. But with so many different platforms and agencies, do you go with a generalist recruitment agency or a specialist one? We look at the advantages of both:

Why choose a generalist recruitment agency?

Generalist agencies are active in a wide variety of industries. They will be able to find you the best job for your qualifications and experience. If you want to change careers or industries, they’ll also be able to identify which of your skills are transferable. Plus, they can advise you on how to improve your CV to get your ideal job.


·         Wide range of job opportunities

Since they work in multiple industries, generalist recruitment agencies usually have a wide pool of vacancies available. These job opportunities are suited to a variety of experience and qualification levels. If you are willing to consider excellent opportunities that suit your CV, you’ll have a higher change of getting a great job. If you have suitable transferable skills, agencies may even suggest a job in another industry. So, keep an open mind and consider the advice of the agency you’re working with.

·         Contacts in a variety of industries

Sometimes companies create new positions or are looking for skills not normally found in their industry. In this case, generalist agencies are perfectly placed to recommend you for these positions. They build relationships with companies, which means they are sometimes approached to search for or recommend candidates for jobs not available on the general job market.

·         Good knowledge of current job market

Generalist agencies will be able to tell you what the job market is like overall. This means they’ll know which of your skills are in demand and whether you’ll need to take a few extra courses or temp jobs to bulk up your CV. Adding a few new skills or extra experience to your CV may help you to qualify for other opportunities. As mentioned before, agencies will also be able to identify which of your skills are transferable and which companies in other industries your CV may impress.

·         Temporary vacancies

Are you looking for something a bit more temporary? Recruitment agencies not only help job seekers find permanent jobs but also temporary ones. If you’re planning to trade a permanent job for regular temp jobs, agencies will be invaluable to you. Since they have great working relationships with several companies, they’ll be able to recommend you for temp jobs. Some companies may even contact the agency to request you for another job if they were satisfied with your previous performance.

Why choose a specialist recruitment agency?

Specialist agencies only focus on certain sectors, locations or jobs. They are a good option if you are only planning to search for a job in a certain city or region or want a certain job in a certain sector.


·         A more focused search

Since they have a narrow focus and search within strict parameters, they have a good knowledge of the job and positions available. They’ll be able to tell you what the chances are of finding a feasible job and if you’ll need to widen your search. Theoretically, the search should also take a shorter amount of time since the job pool is smaller.

·         Contacts with companies looking for niche talents

When some companies are looking for jobs that require niche talents, they approach agencies instead of posting on job boards. This means that agencies may have some job postings that are not available on the open job market. If you have unique skills or experience and are looking for a company that will enable you to make use of it, an agency will be able to find you the perfect fit.  

·         In-depth knowledge of the field

Like we mentioned before, specialist agencies have a good knowledge of the location or industry they work in. Since they are familiar with the skills companies are looking for and which specific positions are required, it will be a lot easier for them to get you a job based on your specific skills. They can also recommend extra skills that may come in handy to snag your dream job. They can also advise you on market trends and market-average salaries and benefits.

·         Temporary vacancies

Specialist agencies will be able to get you leads on projects and temporary assignments and jobs that utilize your specific skills. Often companies are looking for specific skillsets or people with experience for short-term contracts. Or they have to find someone to fill in for a sick employee or someone who suddenly quit. If agencies have you on file, they’ll be able to recommend you for certain jobs and companies will be able to request you for other projects.

Why choose Simpson Dean for your recruitment needs?

As an experienced generalist recruitment agency, Simpson Dean are specialists in matching job seekers up to their perfect jobs. We form relationships with our clients, both employers and employees, which allow us to understand exactly what kind of jobs or potential employees they are looking for. And if job seekers are unsure where they would fit best, we ask the right questions to determine it.

Click here to contact us for help in finding the perfect job for you from our pool of vacancies. For more advice on job hunting, remote working and the best remote working and office tools, visit our blog.

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