Daily Commute – Is it being missed?

There’s no denying that this pandemic has drastically altered the way we commute. Its resulted in a sharp decline in the number of people travelling to and from their offices daily. And it could be here to stay, for a while at least.

There have, however, been several benefits to this alternative way of working, such as a decline in carbon emissions. But, not everyone is thrilled to have been flung into this alternate reality.

Commuting Facts

According to data collated by the Office of National Statistics, 70% of commuters in the South East spend less than thirty minutes travelling to work. However, around 60% of London commuters spend over thirty minutes of travelling.

The mode of transport used also differs significantly between those in rural areas and those in Central London. 67% of commuters in inner London used public transportation in comparison with 15% or less in urban areas outside of London.

Everywhere, except London, the preferred mode of transport to work is by car/van (60%). And, on average, around 12% of employees work from home permanently. A further 9% of the workforce choose to walk or run to work.

Survey Results

So what do our readers have to say about their commute?

Well, it seems that they are split between enjoying and loathing their daily commute. However, a massive 67% of our readers are looking forward to starting their daily commute, and 63% of our readers will NOT be asking to work remotely on a more permanent basis.

So whiles it seems fair to say remote working is here to stay for a while, most of you would prefer to be back to in the office and resuming your daily commute.

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