Cut your carbon emissions by commuting less

Working from home can be an excellent way for you and your employer to reduce costs. It also improves productivity and work/life balance. But one of the most important benefits is the reduction of carbon emissions. Remember, before COVID, we were and still are in a climate crisis!

As we know, carbon emissions are very bad for the environment. This is a FACT, and reducing these emissions will help save our planet for future generations. We, therefore, all have a social responsibility to cut our emissions wherever possible.

How are businesses tackling Carbon Emissions?

In a bid to help tackle the climate emergency, companies have been working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. Some have introduced schemes such as “bike to work” and more flexibility on remote working. But there been nothing like the COVID era prove just how quickly we can reverse things to help save our planet.

According to The Standard, since we went into lockdown back in April, we have noticed cleaner air quality, thriving wildlife, increased visibility due to less smog. We’ve also seen a reduction in harmful gasses since people are spending less time in vehicles and factories.

Ok granted, the lockdown was an exceptionally unusual experience, and we certainly can’t continue on that way. But it was undoubtedly a terrific experiment of what we can do to help save the planet. Even if we halved the amount of commuting that we do, we could make a significant difference.

But isn’t the working from home situation up to Employers?

Yes, it is, but we are at a pivotal moment in terms of how businesses operate going forward. Many business owners have been awakened to the pros of a virtual office. They have seen how connectivity and productivity can be achieved, and they are also considerate to the fact a virtual office can seriously cut costs.

Already employers have to make adjustments to office life to deal with social distancing and keeping their staff safe. Contingencies like less staff in the building at one time and rotas for remote working, to minimise infection are being rolled-out. And if COVID continues without a solid exit plan, this could become the working norm. Add to that the uncertainty of the future of the economy, it makes sense to embrace virtualisation – it’s better for our pockets and it’s better for our planet.

Consider it killing three birds with one stone. 

Our biggest priorities currently are the survival of ourselves, the global economy and our planet. Virtualisation provides a solution that tackles all three. Whatever you think of the COVID lockdown, it was the mother of all case studies for just how things could be in the future of business.

Working from home is a strong move towards making progress in the world in which we live; not just superficially but also environmentally. We can help to reverse the climate emergency and make a difference.

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